An Eye to the Future - CCAIM is committed to helping our community and our families of faith as responsive to the needs, all of the needs, physical as well as spiritual, of the wider area in which we live. Many are doing what one cannot do.


Auburn Community Hospital -

Caring Close to Home

Spiritual care to families, patients and staff as well as in facility and community outreach for social/spiritual needs such as counseling, group support and crisis intervention. Deacon John Tomandl is the Director of the Spiritual Care Department. Chaplain Deacon John, Chaplain Deacon Mike Evans, Chaplain Rev. LeRoy Kettinger and Pastoral Visitor Volunteer, Charlie Walsh make up the visitation staff and Barbara, Gail and Marilyn and make up the volunteer office staff. All together they serve the needs of patients, families, staff and local congregations who have members in the hospital or the Finger Lakes Center for Living, an 80 bed skilled nursing facility which a wholly owned subsidiary and attached to the hospital.


Cayuga Community College -

CCAIM has provided a chaplain for the Spiritual Care and Support of students and faculty at CCC for over 25 years! Chaplain efforts include providing programming for topics of interest such as health and pastoral counseling services, stress management, coping skills and topical subjects such as suicide prevention, grief management and other life skills. Programs are held with presenters from various disciplines as schedule, time and space allow.  Also, one-on-one pastoral counseling and support is available from the chaplain who works with a committee of area clergy, college staff and wider area representatives who offer guidance and support for his daily activities, projected goals and future needs. CCAIM provides major funding and support for the work of encouraging and supporting the students and facility at CCC.

Community-wide Dialogs -

A sensitivity to the racial, social, ethnic and cultural diversity of our area was the underlying impetuous to begin Dialogs, small group sessions, to discuss the needs, concerns, hopes and goals of the full range of peoples who live and work and make Cayuga County their home.

How Can I Help? -

Helping the mission of supporting members of the community at times and in ways few else can or will do is really very simple! CCAIM is first of all sustained in the work of supporting and encouraging people by your becoming a volunteer!  You time and talents are needed.  Give an hour a week for the encouragement and support of your fellow community residents, students and neighbors.  Secondly, with the help of YOUR dollars! The majority of funding for the CCAIM is through individual and church donations. Businesses, foundations, unions and others play a vital role too. If every person (21 to 65) living in Cayuga County gave just $1 per year, the work of the chaplains, interfaith volunteer care givers, community dialog groups and facilitators, area food pantries and more would be adequately funded for all the needs currently being expressed throughout our community.

Giving is easy too! Tell your pastor that you would like to donate to CCAIM. He or she will pass along any donation and you will receive a receipt from CCAIM (a 501c3 corporation) for your tax deductible gift. Or, you can click the link below and send an Email to CCAIM telling that you would like to be a volunteer or make a donation. One of the chaplains will contact you about volunteering or if seeking to offer monetary support, an invoice for you gift will be sent right out and you can send a check or money by return mail. We'll even include the stamped envelope to help you speed your donation on its way! You can also click the link to send a message that you would like to volunteer your time to the work of CCAIM. Just explain your interest in the Email and you will be contacted immediately.  Remember, CCAIM is a 501C3 corporation so you donations are completely TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

And PLEASE, keep the work of CCAIM in your prayers and be sure tell others of the wonderful effort of encouragement, faith and mission going on everyday right here in the middle of our community - CCAIM, many doing what one cannot accomplish!

Click here to offer monetary or personal time in support of CCAIM


Upcoming Events -

by appointment ...

The Chaplain at AMH presents:


Please call the chaplain's office at (315) 255-7297 and speak to or leave a message for Deacon John.





The Marty Ferro

This annual tribute to area golfer and great humanitarian, Marty Ferro, is a great time of fun and fellowship for those participate.


Rotary has taken over the sponsorship of "The Ferro" and gives its annual Golfer of the Year award to the golfer in the area who best emulates Marty's persona - avid golfer and humanitarian in service to the community.

Originally started as a support for CCAIM, the proceeds from the tournament now help to fund area youth activities through Rotary.  CCAIM encourages you to consider the FERRO for golfing fun and for support area youth.

It has become a fixture in the summer routine of those who knew Marty and his great love for people as well as the game of golf. No better way for those who love the game and are concerned about the needs of the community exists than to come out for "The Ferro" - tickets are sold through area churches or by clicking - HERE.

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